Brown Rattan Sun Loungers

brown rattan sun lounger

Brown Rattan Sun Loungers 

Welcome to a world of sophisticated lounging with our Signature Weave brown rattan garden sun loungers!  Quality and style are the hallmarks of all our brown rattan loungers.  They are made with sturdy aluminium frames and water resistant PVC brown rattan.  Whatever the weather you can be sure that your brown rattan sun lounger will remain in tip-top condition.  It is so durable it will remain looking super chic for many years to come!  Plus all of our brown rattan loungers are supplied with luxury, showerproof cushions.  So no need to worry about leaving your lounger out in the rain! 

Our Brooklyn brown rattan sun loungers are the ideal addition to any garden.  Their elegant and modern design will complement all outside spaces.  If you already have existing brown rattan furniture from Furniture for Modern Living it will also match perfectly.

Cheap Brown Rattan Sun Loungers 

We are proud to offer our customers great value for money.  We maintain competitive prices at all times and our brown rattan garden loungers are excellent value for money.  You can trust in our high standards and reliability, all at a great price!

Brown Rattan Sun Lounger Sets 

Our brown rattan garden sun loungers are sold in sets of two.  For your convenience they are delivered boxed and fully assembled.  So once unpacked they are ready to use immediately.  They are also fitted with wheels to make it easy for you to wheel them around your patio or pool area.  We will deliver your brown rattan sun lounger sets direct to the front of your property and as quickly as possible.  From the date of your order you will receive your new brown rattan sun loungers within 2 - 3 days. Use our simple online order system or call us on 01543 454 592.  If you have any queries please get in touch now.

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