Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture is an increasingly popular addition to outdoor living space. We have a dedication to quality that means we use the heaviest grade of rattan weave with our garden furniture, ensuring the highest quality of production is always met. You will have years of low maintenance quality with our rattan garden furniture.

Whether you are looking for a simple but stylish table and chairs, such as the Rattan LA Round Dining Set or the more elaborate and stylish Sarah Rattan Dining Set, you will find it and more in our rattan garden furniture range.

Our rattan garden furniture is not limited to seating and tables. Add that little bit of personal luxury to your outdoor space with something like a Signature Weave Lily Day Bed or bask in glorious sunshine with our Sarena Rattan Sunbed. Browse here for our full range of Signature Weave Rattan Garden Sets.

Maintaining Rattan Garden Furniture

With rattan garden furniture being weatherproof, due to the PVC rattan weave we use rather than the original, weaker wicker, all you need to do is brush off any remaining rain water or snow in Winter and dust off the surface in Spring to enjoy your rattan furniture at anytime in your garden.

Although the aluminium and poly frame and the rattan weave are fully weatherproof, we would recommend sheltering the cushions on your rattan furniture during inclement weather as they are shower proof, not weather proof.

Compare the maintenance needs of rattan garden furniture against the needs of more traditional garden furniture.

Cast Iron Furniture:

  • Heavy
  • Requires yearly scrubbing and painting. Expensive and time consuming
  • Will rust, looking unsightly and potentially staining clothes and soft furnishing
  • Limited lifespan

Teak Wood Furniture:

  • Requires regular treatment and repainting – expensive and time consuming
  • Will bow and become deformed throughout the seasons
  • Will rot quickly if not fastidiously maintained
  • Expensive option to buy against a short lifespan

Plastic garden Furniture:

  • Cheap
  • Fragile
  • Suffers the weather
  • Cannot be effectively maintained

Rattan garden furniture is not only a stylish and increasingly popular addition to your outdoor space, it is a great investment in an area of your home often unknowingly overlooked by even the most passionate about their outdoor space.