White Rattan Dining Sets

Give your outdoor area a timeless taste with a white rattan garden dining set. Here at Furniture for Modern Living, we pride ourselves on making your garden stand out amongst the crowd. That is why we offer you this gorgeous range of elegant outdoor dining chairs and tables.

Rattan is a timeless material, and our range of white rattan dining tables showcases just how versatile it can be. Often used as a quality substitute for wood, rattan comes in all manner of colours and styles to suit your individual purpose, including these beautifully elegant white styled rattan tables and chairs.

Made with only the highest quality Aluminium to ensure that rust is a distant memory, you would be hard pushed to find a white rattan dining set at this level of quality and affordability. If that wasn’t already enough, for your peace of mind, every white rattan dining set is completely waterproof, all thanks to our special PVC rattan weave. Moreover, all of our cushions are also showerproof, ensuring that your garden stays decorated, even in the worst of weather. Whereas weaker rattan would age and degrade when subjected to this country's often dismal natural elements, our heavy duty rattan weave proves its worth, creating resistant ranges of outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time.

The round rattan table has been a long-time centrepiece for many outdoor communal areas. Coming in a number of sizes and dimensions, you are sure to find one to match your unique vision. We have a series of traditional rectangular tables available, complete with a huge variety of seats for a truly unique look. Finally, why not try out our unique white rattan corner dining set? Comfort, cosiness, and community are within your reach.