6 seat dining sets

6 seat dining sets

Dining at home has never been more popular and the way we entertain our friends and relatives expresses our own style and individuality. In our dining collections we try to offer many different styles of furniture to suit everything from modern contemporary homes to the more traditional.

There are plenty to choose from including polished polyester lacquered finishes, painted finishes and numerous solid oak collections, for the minimalistic look we also have glass furniture. We have solid oak dining sets to suit all sizes of dining room including solid oak fixed top tables as well as solid oak extending tables.

There are 6 seat dining sets, 8 seat dining sets, 10 seat dining sets or even up to 12 or 14 seat dining sets so we have something to suit all tastes and budgets, we take great care in selecting our furniture and would be happy to assist you in doing the same as we understand the importance of choosing the correct furniture to complete your dining area.

Whether it be a solid oak dining set from our Mondri range or a display cabinet, a sideboard or a bookcase, we can aid you in making the right decision for your home. We can be contacted directly on 0845 504 6585 where our friendly and experienced team are on hand to take your call today.

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